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They are also guided by emotion and intuition, so signs of imbalance in either one of these areas could shift their behavior. Perhaps an unanticipated conflict with someone close to them has surprised them and clouded their judgment, or someone who they often help and care for does not reciprocate. These events would destabilize Cancer’s emotional center, potentially leading to mood swings. RELATED:  According To Astrology, These People Never Change (So Don't Even Try) Leo loves to laugh and is always seeking experiences that they can enjoy. They thrive on the support and admiration from others and may seem to be on an endless quest for self-fulfillment. Their hope is to establish themselves in as secure a position as possible, but problems will arise for Leo if this doesn’t go according to plan. Leo’s mind, skilled in problem-solving, will become hyper-focused on finding any way to overcome their struggles and regain their security, often at the expense of recognizing the needs of others. Virgo wants to maintain purity and regularity in their life, and they take comfort in being able to help others. Anything standing in the way of these goals has the potential to cause a change in Virgo and reveal the critical and self-destructive sides of their personality. If confronted with a problem, Virgo may start to focus their energies on small details, thereby weakening their abilities to actually solve it.

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